Now write a paragraph on a Book Fair

paragraph on a Book Fair
paragraph on a Book Fair

Now write a paragraph on a Book Fair.

It is a fact that book fairs are of recent origin and are held in all district headquarters to create the readers of books. ‘Ekush’ means the 21st February. Some of our youths in this month in 1952 sacrifice their lives to establish our mother tongue as the state language. This is the month of our great sorrow, profound respect, and noble pride. Boi Mela is held in the month of February on the premises of Bangla Academy. The purpose is to hold up the spirit of the “Ekushe’ to the public. ‘Ekusher Boi Mela’ is the biggest book fair in the country. Publishers come forward with their new publications here. Eminent writers come to Bangla Academy stalls and their admirers crowd around them for their autographs. CD’s on recitations and songs are sold. There is a snack where young boys and girls sit gossiping. They make their purchases after their choice. The place around Bangla Academy takes a festive look. The carefree youths wearing happy smiles in their faces enjoy the fair. Every year I visit the Boi-Mela and buy some books. It is the most popular book fair in our country. It plays an important role in developing our habit of reading books. We should be conscious of it.

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