Now write a paragraph on Child Trafficking

paragraph on child trafficking
paragraph on child trafficking

Now write a paragraph on Child Trafficking.

It is known to us that, child trafficking is nowadays a dangerous and harmful problem. It is one of the greatest problems not only in our country but also in the countries lying in the third world. Women and child trafficking causes social unrest and throws a peaceful society down to the dust. Women and child trafficking are going out of control day by day creating other problems too. We can’t think of a happy and carefree life for it. We lose progress for women and child trafficking. People have to suffer a lot. Everyone feels the problem but none seems to think over the way to overcome this acute problem. The bad effect of it can better be understood than described. Many people are falling victims of this daily curse. Women and child trafficking demises peace in normal life. Nobody can remain idle in the face of such an alarming problem. The government should take measures to check it. Besides, all of us irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion and age should launch a massive campaign against this problem. Every person wants a good solution to this problem, If not, we shall be in a great crisis in the near future.

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