Now write a paragraph on Earthquake

paragraph on Earthquake

paragraph on Earthquake

Now write a paragraph on Earthquake.

The word earthquake is given a kind of shaking of the ground for natural reasons The earthquake is one of such strong and devastating forces that can destroy or everything. It is a sudden violent movement of a part of the earth’s surface caused by a deep crack in the earth or by a volcanic eruption. Earthquakes are dangerous by nature. Severe earthquakes can destroy countries. Within a few minutes, they can turn great cities into rivers. Thousands of people are killed. hundred and thousands are rendered homeless and helpless. So after a quake, people live in tents in an open field. Earthquakes are most common in volcanic and mountainous regions. One of the most devastating earthquakes which caused serious damage and loss of life and property. The meteorologists predict that again a massive earthquake may happen in Bangladesh. They say that this earthquake will destroy more than 30 percent Buildings within Dhaka, Sherpur, Sylhet, Netrokona, Rangpur, Sirajganj and other parts of the country. Men are ultimately helpless against such forces of nature. People should build houses, bridges, and roads in such a way that they can resist the tremours. They should follow the building code for their own bitterest.

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