Now write a paragraph on the Equal Rights of Women

paragraph on the Equal Rights of Women

paragraph on the Equal Rights of Women

Now write a paragraph on the Equal Rights of Women.

Women have been fighting for their rights for a long time. So, nowadays the equal rights of women in a society are a very important affair in Bangladesh. We knew that in Islam, women are given priority. Our Prophet (Sm) said that Children’s heaven lies at the foot of mother. But the reality is quite the opposite in our society. Women are deprived of their basic and human rights. They are always thought inferior to men. That’s why they are confined to the four walls of the house. In fact, they are neglected in every sphere of life in our society. Poverty ignores and supervision are the reason behind it. We know that it is quite impossible to develop our condition keeping women in darkness. Women constitute fifty percent of our total population. They are not inferior to men in any respect. Women have proved their efficiency in many respects. They can run an office, a business center even a state. The development of a country is not possible without women’s participation. If they are given equal rights with men, they will be able to prove their worth. In the modern world, the role of a woman does not treat as a mother. A hearth is not their only workplace. They need as many rights as males. Unfortunately in many societies including our country they are deprived of their rights. It is a violation of human rights. In fact, equal rights of women is a demand of the time. We should materialize it properly. We should change our mentality and try to balance the woman rights in our society.

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