Now write a paragraph on Export Fair

paragraph on Export Fair

paragraph on Export Fair

Now write a paragraph on Export Fair.

An export fair is fair for the display of industrial goods to foreign buyers to get them acquainted with the exportable items of a country. It helps a country to earn foreign exchange without which she cannot import such goods as are necessary for local consumption. An export fair has to be arranged at the initiative of the government. Wide circulation is the mode through advertisement in the national and international dailies to draw the attention of industrialists and producers, national and international. As an export fair gives a good scope to a country to display her products, friendly countries gladly respond to the call of the host country. Works of art, crafts, handicrafts, agriculture, and industry are placed at different corners of the export fair. Temporary stalls and famous restaurants for various fashionable edible items are also installed to make the visitors acquainted with different types of food. The visitors get an opportunity to know men, manners, and cultures of different countries and nations. As an export fair attracts visitors from different countries, it gives an opportunity to the people of the host country to know many things about the manners, customs, and cultures of the participating countries without undertaking the trouble of personal visits to different countries. It also gives scope to the businessmen and industrialists of the host country to know their counterparts in other parts of the globe to know their mode of talks and approach and above all dealings. An export fair is very much useful. It should be held every year to encourage importers from foreign countries to import goods from our country. It will widen scope for the sale of industrial goods and will thereby create a market for our exportable goods. It is expected that within a few years our industrial products will be popular in the world market and will help us earn a handsome amount of foreign currency. Then we shall be able to import the necessary goods keeping the balance of trade in our favor.

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