Now write a paragraph on Food Adulteration

paragraph on Food Adulteration

paragraph on Food Adulteration

Now write a paragraph on Food Adulteration.

Nowadays Food adulteration is a terrific name in Bangladesh. It is a social crime. It has grasped the whole nation. Recently it has taken a serious turn in our country. Food adulteration items pose a great threat to our health. “Adulteration” means making food and drink less pure by adding another substance of lower quality to it which is harmful to our health. In hotels and restaurants, stale and rotten items are mixed with fresh food. Fish and vegetables are adulterated by mixing poisonous chemicals with them. Many snacks, bread, cakes, medicines, and chemicals are sold even after their date of expiry. Profit-making is the main aim of adulteration. Some dishonest businessmen do so in order to make high profits. In the course of time, the nature and technique of adulteration have changed. The chemical dye is used in food items which are poisonous effects on the human body. Adulterated food items lose their food value and turn into poisons. Both manufacturers and consumers should be made more aware of this fact. Persons involved in adulteration of food should be severely punished by enacting proper law.

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