Now write a paragraph on Globalization

Globalization has become a buzzword in the ear of international relations. Basically, it is a process of expanding trade and Commerce all over the world by creating a borderless market. But it is has had a far-reaching effect on many aspects of life. With the development of telecommunication media and rapid transportation facilities, the world has come closer. We can learn in an instant what is happening in the far east corner of the world. We can travel to any country in the shortest possible time. Countries of the world are like families in a village. They can even share their joys and sorrows like next-door neighbors. If one country is in distress, others immediately come to its assistance. If we could build up an atmosphere of mutual understanding and co-operation through this globalization process, our world could certainly be a better place to live in. But globalization has a bad effect on the poorer countries. Taking the advantages of globalization the rich and industrially developed countries are exploiting the cheap labor of the poor countries. It has created a gap between wealth and poverty. It has developed our sense of habitation. Globalization is now largely based on a strong technological foundation. We can now buy and sell goods through the electrical screen.
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