Now write a paragraph on Independence Day of Bangladesh

paragraph on  Independence Day of Bangladesh
paragraph on  Independence Day of Bangladesh

Now write a paragraph on  Independence Day of Bangladesh.

It is known to us that the 26th of March is the Independence Day in Bangladesh. After having fought
long nine months, the Bangladeshis freed the sun of independence from the clutch of the Pakistanis. The independence of Bangladesh was declared on 26 March 1971 following the crackdown by the Pakistani army on the night of 25 March 1971. Since then, the day has been observed as Independence Day. On October 3, 1980, the government decided to observe it as the National Day as well. The day is observed throughout the country with due honour and in a befitting manner. The important buildings of the country are illuminated. The national flag keeps flying atop all the public and private buildings. The national dailies bring out a special supplement highlighting the significance of the day. Bangladesh Betar and different TV channels telecast special programmes on the occasion. The main programme of the day begins at the National Memorial at Savar. The day begins with 31 gunshots. At one minute past zero hours, the Prime Minister places floral wreaths at the National Memorial on behalf of the whole nation. Our country wears a festive look on Independence Day. It is one of the most glorious days in our national history. We should be aware of the greatness of this very day.
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