Now write a paragraph on Rights of Children

paragraph on Rights of Children

paragraph on Rights of Children

Now write a paragraph on Rights of Children.

Children are the future of our nation. They are the builders of a nation in the future. They have some rights. They should have minimum scope for enjoying their rights. Otherwise, we should have to suffer for that. As a poor country like Bangladesh children cannot enjoy rights. Many of them work as domestic servants and maidservants. They work in the fields. They work in shops, hotels, and restaurants. They are seen breaking brick and stones. Everywhere they meet ill-treatment. At times they are engaged in various nosy works. Sometimes they are not allowed to enjoy their basic rights as human beings. They live and work in sanitary, unhealthy conditions. The children need to be protected from all kinds of threats and forced labor. To make the development of our country, the needs of children should be fulfilled. They should be given proper food, clothes, shelter and medical treatment. Education should be made compulsory for all children. Steps should be taken against ill-treatment towards children. If the rights of children are ensured, many of their lives will be saved from ruin. They will be able to build up their career and contribute to the nation.

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