Now write a paragraph on Road Accidents

paragraph on Road Accidents

paragraph on Road Accidents

Now write a paragraph on Road Accidents.

It is known to us that the road accident has become a major problem in Bangladesh. It is an unexpected and unpleasant event casually caused by different vehicles while moving on the road recklessly. Now it is our national problem. Everyday road accidents occur anywhere in Bangladesh. It takes away the hopes of a family that is never expected. There are many causes of road accidents. Reckless driving is the main cause of street accidents. The drivers often try to overtake disregarding traffic rules and regulations. Overloading in vehicles is another cause of road accidents. Sometimes the carelessness of the traffic police also causes serious road accidents. The carelessness of pedestrians is also responsible for street accidents. Pedestrians have received less attention while they across the road. Up to 61 percent of urban road accident deaths in Bangladesh are pedestrians alone. The effect of road, the accident is of great extent in our lives and assets. Every day a good number of people become victims of road accidents. Sometimes our valuable things are lost or damaged in such accidents. Poor and common people are the the-worst sufferers of road accidents. The drivers and pedestrians should abide by the traffic rules for reducing the number of road accidents. The violators of traffic rules must be punished. The government can play a vital role in checking street accidents by enforcing law and order strictly. If not, we shall face a severe crisis in the course of time.

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