Now write a paragraph on Rohingya Refuge Problems

paragraph on Rohingya Refugee Problems

paragraph on Rohingya Refugee Problems

Now write a paragraph on Rohingya Refugee Problems.

Nowadays Rohingya refugee problem is a buzzword not only in Bangladesh but all over the world. The barbarity and atrocity of the Myanmar army have reached such a state that these have overshadowed those of the Pakistani army in Bangladesh in 1971. The atrocious activities perpetrated on Rohingya people have become a great concern for the people of the world. The army of Myanmar has killed numerous Rohingya people mercilessly and they have destroyed their houses by setting these on fire. Many people have been shot, butchered and killed by setting them on fire. The army created great terror among the innocent Rohingya people, In order to save their lives, Rohingya people started to come to our country. Myanmar is a Buddhist country. Most of the people here are Buddhists. They are religious extremists. They hate Muslims extremely. So, they are determined to destroy the Rohingya people completely. Under the direction of Aung San Suchi Kyi, State Counsellor of Myanmar and her accomplice army general Min Ong Hia Yang the army is killing, butchering and burning the innocent Rohingya people. They claim that the Rohingyas are terrorists. But it is totally baseless. They have no evidence to prove that the Rohingya Muslims are terrorists. Rather they are silently being victims of the atrocity of the Myanmar army. In fact, the Myanmar army has taken resort to terrorism and killing. They are originally terrorists. They are enjoying killing people and destroying the houses of the Rakhaine people. They are completely devoid of human traits. They have not a little kindness in their heart. They say that the “Rohingya Muslims belong to Bangladesh, not to Myanmar”, by saying this they have proved themselves to be fools or liars. Rakhaine Muslims have been living in Myanmar for centuries. And the history of maltreatment of the Rakhaine Muslims by Myanmar army is not a new event, rather it has been continuing for a long time. But at present, it has assumed an extreme form. However, this great number of Rohingya refugees is additional pressure for a small developing country like Bangladesh. Bangladesh has very recently been hit by a devasting flood, On top of that, this pressure is too much for her to bear. Still, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina like a grat humanitarian, has given them shelter and is providing them with food, medicine and other necessary things. She has expressed her desire to stop religious genocide and take back Rohingya in Myanmar. It is hoped that we will soon get rid of this great problem.

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