Now write a paragraph on the Use of Internet

paragraph on the Use of Internet
paragraph on the Use of Internet

Now write a paragraph on the Use of Internet.

Internet is a new device for speedy transmission of nations, news, feelings, etc. It is a recent invention of information technology. It is a blessing of modern science. It is practically a network of a good number of computers. The Internet is regarded now as a milestone in the modern world of computer technology. If we want to know the current data of the world, the Internet is a very effective way in this regard. It has added a new dimension to the communication system of Bangladesh. Modern people cannot more just of a single moment without it. By using it, we can know the important information which was hidden. It can show the real picture of any disguised person or any event. Still, it is not used widely in Bangladesh. As the internet is very costly, most of the people of Bangladesh are deprived of a great extent of the benefit of the internet. In spite of having many advantages, the internet is not free from problems. Teenage boys and girls may be affected by the evils of the internet. The criminals commit heinous acts through the internet. The learners kill much time by operating it. To much use of it many cause moral degradation. It hoped that the government will take all possible steps to make us beneficiary of this communication system in a very short time. Conscious people in our country also should take steps to make internet facilities to all classes of people. The day is not so far when everybody in our country will enjoy the internet facilities.

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