Now write a paragraph on A Winter Morning

paragraph on A Winter Morning

paragraph on A Winter Morning

Now write a paragraph on A Winter Morning.

A winter morning has different types of charmed in our life. A winter morning is usually cold misty. There is dense fog everywhere. In the morning everything looks hazy. Things at a distance are hardly seen. A thick pall of fog and mist keeps everything enveloped. So very few people get up from the bed and come out. They cover themselves with clothes to get rid of the biting cold. Work starts late. Everyone looks forward to seeing the sun. The street children gather straws and make a fire to warm themselves. It is sometimes pleasant to bask in the sun. The scene of a winter morning gradually vanishes as the day advances. The sun goes up, fog melts away and people go to their daily work. A winter morning is fully enjoyable for the rich people and miserable for the poor and street people. Fresh vegetables and date-juice are available at this time. I like it very much because we can enjoy pitha, paes and other delicious food.

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