Now write a paragraph on Your Parents

paragraph on Your Parents

paragraph on Your Parents

Now write a paragraph on Your Parents.

Parents are God’s most precious gift to us. My parents are ideal parents. They give us life on earth. They always take care of me. I am proud to have them is my life. My father’s name is MD. Ebrahim Howlader and my mother’s name is Farida Begum. My Father is a doctor and my mother is an M.A. in English. My father works in a hospital and my mother is a professor in a college. Despite doing government service, my father spends a lot of time on social activities. Whenever he gets time, he goes to our village home and gives free treatment to the people. My mother is also involved in different social work especially in helping the distressed poor women. My mother looks after our family very sincerely. She does every household work. She takes great care of all of us. She loves us very dearly. She is ready to sacrifice her own happiness for our happiness. She hopes to see us happy even at the cost of her own life. She holds our good above everything in the world. Her anxiety knows no bounds if we fall ill. She does not enjoy a wink of sleep. But her face beams with joy when we come round. My mother possesses a good sense of sanitation. She keeps our house neat and leplean. I like my parents very much. My father also takes much care of all of us. I hold my parents in profound respect. I am greatly indebted to my parents.

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