Write a letter to younger brother asking him not to be involved in Drug Addiction

01 September 2018

My dear X

I have received a letter from home and I am terribly concerned to know that of late, you have taken to drugs. This is the worst news of the year for me. Don’t you know the bad effects of drug addiction? Why did you injustice to yourself? I do urge you to get out of the nightmarish world of drug-addicts and give up the habit of taking drugs. Drugs bring about a dreadful change on a human body and no medical science on earth can stop the change. 

The weight of the addict begins to drop. His skin begins to change its color. It becomes sickly yellow and seems to hang on his bones. It damages our brain, lunge, and liver. It causes many critical diseases like cancer, asthma, bronchitis and so on. Drugs kill the addict’s desire for food and sleep. Drug addicts die mostly from malnutrition. When thy realize the mischief they want to shirk off the habit, but they cannot. He becomes desperate and does not hesitate to commit any crime. We do not want to see you in that condition. As you are still in the primary stage, you will be able to give it up only if you have a strong will. I expect to know from your next letter that you have given up drug-taking. I pray to Almighty for your riddance from it.

Your elder brother,

From,                              To,                          
Name: Y                         Name: X
Address: Sutrapur,       Address: Shibpur,
Dhaka-1100                   Noakhali
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