Now write a paragraph on Courtesy

paragraph on courtesy

Now write a paragraph on Courtesy.

Courtesy means modesty. It denotes good manners. It is a great virtue. It has no exchange option. We
are not required to incur any expenditure in order to obtain it. It stands for a code of conduct which
conforms to the standards of etiquette that weave a behaviour pattern which is becoming of a gentleman.
Thus, it has to be cultivated in one’s character from an early age. Though it does not call for any
pecuniary expenditure, it earns a great dividend. A man without courtesy, catches troubles at every step
and makes a misery of his life. On the other hand, one who has added courtesy to his conduct, is loved
by everybody in the society. He can get on smoothly and easily through all the thick and thin of life.
Therefore, we should possess this invaluable virtue from our early life.
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