Now write a Paragraph on Patriotism

paragraph on patriotism

Now write a Paragraph on Patriotism.

Patriotism is love for one’s own country without self-interest. It is an inherent virtue and the noblest
quality of a man. A man without patriotism is a man coward. A true patriot loves his country more than
himself. If he is in a foreign land, his heart burns within himself for his own country. When he starts for
his motherland after a long stay abroad, his heart leaps up with joy. He is proud of his country and is
even ready to die for her. When he has sacrificed his life for his country, he remains ever living in the
mind of the people of all ages. But a man who is devoid of patriotism is most unfortunate and wretched.
He may have high little, great power and vast wealth, nobody knows him and honours him. When he dies
he is buried unhonoured and unsung. No beauty is erected in his remembrance. He is forgotten forever.
So patriotism is the greatest of all virtues. The great men of the world possessed this great virtue. None
can succeed in life without having patriotism. So, we must have true patriotism for our country but should
not indulge in narrow states. Only love for the country does not make a man patriot. He should do
something important for patriotism.
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