Now write a paragraph on Water Pollution

paragraph on water pollution

Now write a paragraph on Water Pollution.

The disposal of various kinds of waste is seriously polluting the environment. Water is the main element
of our environment. But polluted water is very harmful. Men pollute water by throwing wastes into it.
Water may be polluted in many ways. Farmers use chemical fertilizers in their fields to grow more crops.
They often use poisonous chemicals to kill the insects. Rains and floods wash them away and mix them
with water easily in rivers, canals, and ponds. Mills and factories also pollute water. Steamers, launches
and even sailboats throw oil, food waste and human waste into rivers. Most of the unsanitary latrines
standing on the banks of rivers, canal, and ponds pollute water. Many katcha drain run into rivers, ponds,
and canals. Human waste and filth falling into rivers through drains pollute water seriously. By drinking
polluted water, we may become sick. To save our own life, we should be careful of it. 
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