Write a dialogue between two friends on Climate Change

paragraph on climate change

Write a dialogue between two friends on Climate Change.

Titu : Hi, Abu! What’re you doing?

Abu : I am reading a newspaper about climate change.

Titu : Climate change! How does it possible? The seasons are changing one by one.
But how did climate change?

Abu : We have six seasons but nowadays three seasons Summer,
Rainy and Winter see but Autumn, Late Autumn, and Spring vanish away with the others.
This is climate change. Heavy rain, excessive cold, and hotly summer are the features of

Titu : What are the causes of climate changing?

Abu : Much of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increase world temperature. As a result, more
snow will melt in the northern hemisphere Consequently, the sea level will rise and the
low-lying countries may go underwater.

Titu : What! Then is it not fear for us and the Maldives?

Abu : Yes. So in Copenhagen world leaders met to save our planet from disaster.

Titu : But the rich countries produce more carbon dioxide, don’t they?

Abu : Yes. Hence the conference was held in Copenhagen.

Titu : Will the rich countries do anything for us?

Abu : They should if they honour human rights for which they clamour so much.

Titu : I think they won’t. The rich countries rear double standard; one for themselves and the
other for the poor countries.

Abu : I think the same. But let’s hope they behave conscientiously and help us. 

Titu : Let read what’s the news about climate change.

Abu : The climate of the world is changing rapidly. Many things are happening on earth due to
climate change. For example, seasons are shifting, temperature is climbing and sea
levels are rising. If things go on like this, our earth will be in danger. Our life will be at
stake. Different kinds of natural calamities like drought, cyclone, tornado, floods will occur.
The ecological balance will hamper too. So, to save our mother earth from climate
change, we should plant trees, avoid using greenhouse and control emitting carbon-
dioxide as much as possible

Titu : Right. The reporter gave valuable suggestions. We have to save our earth by planting

Abu : I’m agree with you.

Titu : You’re welcome.

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