Now Write Amplification on Honesty is the Best Policy

Now Write Amplification on Honesty is the Best Policy.

A man can lead his life in two ways. One is honest and the other is dishonest. In these two qualities in man, honesty is a divine quality in a man. This type of quality never goes unrewarded both in this world and the world hereafter. During the short span of human beings it brings his great glory and honor. He has a divine peace of mind. He may not be well off but he is large-hearted. An honest man never nourishes high ambition because he knows that the high ambitions lead a man astray. He/ she is free of greed. He does not take any unfair means and fears nothing. He has a strong voice and a carefree life. An honest man is loved, beloved, and honored by all. He is always dutiful, sincere, punctual, fearless, and straight forward. On the other hand, everybody hates a dishonest man. Nobody trusts him. He is always neglected by all. The society looks down upon him. He does not get any love and sympathy from anybody. An honest man enjoys the confidence of others. He is a man of strict principles, a clear conscience, and a noble personality. In fact, honesty is the root of one’s progress. Even all religions teach us the utility of honesty. The path of dishonesty should be avoided by everybody. So, we should all cultivate the spirit of this quality in our words and deeds from childhood. Finally, we can say that “Honesty is the best policy”.
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