Write a Report on Failure of Electricity

Write a Report on Failure of Electricity.

Syful, Staff reporter, Chittagong; 28 March 2018: Power failure in Rangpur town area has become a regular matter. It comes for an hour or two then it vanishes for quite an indefinite period. Students and the patients of the hospital are the worst sufferers of it. When contacted the local PDB Executive Engineer said, “We are helpless. Unless power production boosts up to at least 5000 Megawatt, we have nothing to do. “The REB General Manager said in the same tune saying that they were power distributors not power producers. In answer to questions, why have they increased distribution policies and lines without being assured of increasing power supply, he helplessly answered that he was not the policy planner, he was simply an Executive Engineer. But his logical statement can hardly reduce the suffering of the people of Rangpur. It is our duty to be aware of it for our own betterment.

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