Now write a paragraph on Admission into Universities of Bangladesh

Now write a paragraph on Admission into Universities of Bangladesh.

Admission into universities of Bangladesh is a very common affair in Bangladesh. Every year public and private universities enroll students in their universities. After completion of higher secondary certificate examination, thousands of brilliant students make dreams to take admission to universities, especially into public ones. The number of seats in public universities is very less than applicants. Most of the brilliant students choose public universities. So, it creates very competition among the students to get a chance into that-universities. The university authority sets a point of minimum marks of grade point average (GPA) as a minimum qualification to apply for admission. Then the students are to go through an admission test. The grade or GPA obtained in SSC and HSC is counted with the admission test ranks as well. Then the authority shortlists the students based on their performance and only high scorers again the seats are selected enrolment. This admission should be free and fare everywhere in Bangladesh.
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