Now write a paragraph on Honesty

Now write a paragraph on Honesty.

It is known to us that honesty is noble and sterling virtue. It is the greatest of all human virtues. It is just like an ornament of human character. It is the best policy. Honesty greatly influences the formation of a man’s character. An honest man is loved, believed, and honored by all. An honest poor man is much happier than a dishonest rich man. He is always dutiful, sincere, punctual, fearless, and straightforward. On the other hand, everybody hates a dishonest man. Nobody trusts him. An honest man enjoys the confidence of others. He is a man of strict principles, a clear conscience, and a noble personality. In fact, honesty is the root of one’s progress. Some people think that wealth cannot be acquired in honest ways. It is really wrong. Honesty does not stand in the way of acquiring wealth. If a man is hardworking and sincere he will progress in life. A country also needs honest and hard-working people for her all-round development. Even all religions teach us the utility of honesty. So we should all cultivate the spirit of this quality in our all words and deeds from childhood. Finally we can say that “Honesty is the best policy”. We should be conscious about it truly.

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