Now write a paragraph on Importance of Trees

Now write a paragraph on the Importance of Trees.

World leader met in Copenhagen on discussing this climate changing. There was a slogan and that is on the importance of planting trees. The slogan was as follows:

Will you live in a desert

Or, go under the water?

Will you live in malnutrition

Or, under the poverty line?

If ‘yes’ cut all trees.

If ‘no’ plant more trees.

Thoughtless destruction of our trees, woods, and forests has put the country to a great disadvantage. They are destroyed mostly for being used as fire-wood. This destruction disturbs our ecological balance. It leads to soil erosion. It deprives us of fruit and timber and causes economic loss. We are aware of how woods and forests bring rain, help our agriculture, and prevent floods. Thus the havoc created by unscrupulous destruction of trees and plants must be made good by way of tree plantation. The program of tree plantation is launched not only in the towns but also in the countrysides. Every house, school, college, hospital, bank, and other institutions are asked to plant trees. Seedlings and saplings are often supplied by the Forest department of the government. We should be earnest in taking advantage of the national program of tree plantation.

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