Now write a paragraph on Leadership in Democracy

Now write a paragraph on Leadership in Democracy.

Leadership in a democracy is a very important matter. Democracy is a system of government by all the people of a country. The leaders in a democracy are of the people, by the people and for the people. “A leader in a democracy should possess some traits. He must be tolerant, knowledgeable, amiable, friendly, impressive, sympathetic, constructive, humanitarian, and cooperative. A democratic leader should possess a mentality to make good relations with neighboring countries. Because of his dynamic leadership the world will be a habitable place of peace and amity. A democratic leader must allow people freedom of speech, religion, and politics. He will not believe in social and class division. He must not be tired. Under his leadership the economy of a country will develop, the light of education will spread, democracy will flourish, cooperation with other countries will increase, the darkness of illiteracy, disappointment, superstition, and anarchy will disappear.
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