Now write a paragraph on Parents Care For the Children

Now write a paragraph on Parents Care For the Children.

It is known to us that Children are the dearest wealth to the parents. In every moment they think of their dearest children. It is very difficult to pass at any time without them. Children are their minds, heart, and body. So, they are very anxious about their children. Criminal activities towards children are mainly responsible for their anxiety. At present, child abuse increases at an alarming rate. Many children also died of child abuse. So, the parents are worried about their future. Most of the parents in our country are poor. They can not meet their basic necessities. Consequently, they compel to send their children to various workshops. But the children are not safe there. They become the victim of violent activities there. Thus the parent’s anxiety about their children knows no bounds. Moreover, children are the future nation of our country. In the future they will lead the nation. The universal development of a family, society, or country obviously depends on them. They should be provided with all facilities from the very beginning of their life. So, the parents are worried about their dearest wealth of heart. Militancy is another reason of the anxiety of the parents about their children today. As a result, parents get frightened to send their children to school. They become unrest until the dearest wealth of heart comes to them. Parents’ anxiety about their children is increasing day by day. The government should take necessary steps to extinct all criminal activities from the country. In addition, the government must ensure children’s future so that parents can free from anxiety about their children. We should be careful about them.
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