Now write a paragraph on Self Reliance

Now write a paragraph on Self-Reliance.

Self-reliance is at the root of all virtues. A self-reliant man is honored everywhere. He never depends on others. In society, there are many people who cannot stand on themselves. They have to depend on others’ help. These people lose self-respect and personality. As an individual, a man must try to be self-reliant. Similarly a country should also try to be self-reliant in all respects. Nothing is impossible for a man if he tries sincerely. If a man or a country tries to be self-reliant and engages its energy and resources, he or it will surely attain self-reliance within a short span of time. A country that depends on others’ help, is looked down upon by the other nations. Everyone pities a man who depends on others’ help. So a man or a nation must try to be self-reliant. In fact, self-reliance is the key to success and contentment.
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