Now write a paragraph on Session Jam

Now write a paragraph on Session Jam.

Session jam is a great problem in our higher educational institutions. Our colleges and universities are infested with this all-grasping session jam. Our educational institutions cannot finish the syllabuses in time. Student politics is mainly responsible for this. Our students take part in active politics they become the tools of our political leaders. To implement the agenda of the national leaders, our students call hartal or strikes in our educational institutions. The student also calls hartals or blockades in order to fulfill their demands of postponement of the exams, concession of the tuition fees, exam fees, etc. these activities impede the normal process of our institutions. Sometimes the teachers stop their activities for support of their service demands. All these things accelerate the session jams. The exams cannot be held on time. Results are not published in due time. The examiner’s delay marking the answer scripts in due time also create session jams. This session jam has dire consequences. It snatches away valuable time and money of the students and their guardians. Our country fails to get the service of brilliant students. Thus session jams must be stopped for the smooth continuation of the academic activities in our country as well as our development of our country.
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