Now write a paragraph on Students and Politics

Now write a paragraph on Students and Politics.

It is a fact that students are citizens of tomorrow. So, political training should start from this period as many of them will be called to discharge political duties afterward. Students like other members of society have the right to see that the country is governed well. Students are the selfless sections of society. They may easily criticize government policies and raise demonstrations against, corruption. Students are the young generation of the country. They are full of enthusiasm, energy, and vigor in every aspect of life. Their participation will free the country from being static and sloth. Students read history, public administrations, social science, political science, and economics, while they may be allowed to read these subjects in theories, they may be allowed to realize them in practical realities of political life. People, against students’ participation in politics hold that it is a serious and exciting occupation and that it is detrimental to the pursuit of study. Again politics requires patience, tolerance, efficiency, and a good deal of experience. We should bear it in mind properly.
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