Now write a paragraph on The Habits of Reading

Now write a paragraph on the Habits of Reading.

It is but that habit is a person’s regular practice. It is called second nature. Both good and bad habits may be formed. The good habit should be formed from the beginning of life. Good habit makes human character noble. It saves a man from various ignoble tasks. A man of good habits finds peace, happiness, and respect. Reading is a good habit. The habit of reading is separate from other habits such as playing games, listening to music, drawing pictures, traveling, etc. the habit of reading ennobles the mind. Books teach us how to to keep pace with time. It awakens hope in us. It shows us dreams and also makes us hear revolutionary music. It hands us over the light of the welfare of the new morning. It gives us the directions of the true path. So, by making the relationship with the books we can build up a developed and pleasant life. There is no alternative to the books to provide us creative thoughts. Different kinds of experiences of life can be co-ordinated with the acquired knowledge of the books. This light of knowledge can help the person to know and understand truth and falsehood and goodness and badness. Books are man’s best companions. Friends may leave us, but never books. The importance of reading books are many. It gives us relief for a while from our monotonous life. All of us should cultivate the habit of reading. It will be a letter of our life.
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