Now write a paragraph on Your College Canteen

Now write a paragraph on Your College Canteen.

It is true that a college canteen is a restaurant set up on the campus of a particular college. It supplies food and drinks to its students and teachers. Our college canteen is situated on one side of the college campus. Most of the students have classes from 10 a.m. to 5 a.m. At that time we, feel the necessity of having some refreshments. So our college canteen is very necessary for us. It supplies rice, curry, and various delicious dishes. It also supplies tea, coffee, and loaves and sweets to the students and teachers. There are some chairs and tables in the canteen. There are two cooks and two or’ three waiters to serve the customers. A manager sits behind the cash box to collect money from the customers. Our college canteen is also a favorite haunt for recreation for us. We often go to it and pass a merry time in gossiping. Sometimes we also hear hot discussing of our would-be politicians in our college canteen. At present we are trying our best to keep our college canteen free from politics. However, our college canteen is very beneficial for us. Its importance is very great to all of us.
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