Now write a paragraph on Your College

Now write a paragraph on Your College.

There is no denying the fact that ours is a good college. The name of our college is Chawmuhani Govt. S.A College. It is situated at Chawmuhani town. It is a four-storeyed building. There are forty classrooms and other rooms like the library, the common room, the prayer room, and the teachers’ room. The principal’s room and the teacher’s room are in the middle. The classrooms are fairly large. Sixty students can sit in every room and do their classwork. There are two thousand students and fifty teachers in our college. The teachers of this college are qualified and experienced. They are also kind men. Their teaching system is very easy and interesting. Our Principal is a profound scholar and a good administrator. He loves us and always takes good care of us. We respect him very deeply. The library plays an important role to cut a good figure in the examination. Having a library facility in our college, students can read even the rare books which they cannot afford to buy themselves. It also provides an opportunity to read them with all kinds of periodicals, newspapers, and magazines. So, the students studying in our college enjoy an adequate library and other facilities for doing good results in the exams. I feel proud that I am a student of this college. In fact it is a college of great renounce.
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