Now write a paragraph on Your Favorite Hobby

Now write a paragraph on Your Favorite Hobby.

It is a fact that hobby means an activity of a person that he does for pleasure. It is his favorite occupation, but not the main occupation. He does it for pleasure, not for money. It gives him joy and relief from the boring and monotony of work. I am a student and so my main duty is to study. But my favorite hobby is bird-watching. It is not a traditional hobby. Rather it can be termed as an unusual one. Yet I like it very much. The fascinating beauty of different kinds of birds holds me spellbound. Besides, their frequent flying in the vast sky moves me much. Bird-watching requires a lot of perseverance. When I have time, I go to the nearby woods or vast marsh to observe birds. Sometimes, it takes a long time to observe the seasonal habits of birds. I think that the advantages of this particular hobby for me are innumerable. I can learn about different birds, their living, and other characteristics from this. Besides, various points about environment and ecology can be learned from it. Whenever I find a stranger bird or guest bird, my joys know no bounds. But retirees I find almost no special bird. I like bird-watching not for any material interest but for the pleasure it gives me. We should bear it in mind duly.

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