Write a Report on Arsenic

Write a Report on Arsenic has re-speeded in the Rupganj.

Syful, Staff reporter, Chittagong; 28 March 2018: Nowadays the arsenic problem is a common affair in Bangladesh. Arsenic is a kind of chemical and white powder that is found mostly in the tub-well water. Application of chemical fertilizer and insecticide in the com field, acid rain, and natural deposit are the amin causes to mix chemical with the water of tube-wells. Govt. of Bangladesh has already taken the necessary steps to solve this problem. The specialists of arsenic checked up the water and tube-wells and pointed with red and green marks to recognize our tub-well whether it is free from arsenic pollution or not. Recently arsenic has re-speeded in Rupganj, under the district of Narayanganj. As a result a good number of people have been attacked with many kinds of fatal diseases like a sore, stomach troubles, and all kinds of skin diseases. People have been suffering greatly for want of pure drinking water. They have to fetch water from a long distance which is very hard and taff. However the Mayor has visited the spot and taken the necessary steps to repair the old tube-wells and set up some new tube-wells to remove the sufferings of the villagers.
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