Write a Report on Anti corruption

Write a Report on Anti-corruption Seminar held in Govt. Edward College

Syful, Staff reporter, Chittagong; 28 March 2018: A seminar on anti-corruption was held in the auditorium of Govt. Edward College yesterday with the Principal in the chairman. The head of the department of English professor A. K. Azad read out the key-note paper and a good number of participants took part in the discussion. Most of the speakers in the seminar put great emphasis on curbing corruption prevailing in every sector of the government. Corruption frustrates all the development programs taken by the government. So everybody should raise a voice against the corrupt people and criticize them. Some speakers have urged the student who will in the future lead the nation and runs the machinery of the government to take an oath that they will never take part in corruption and that they will never be the friends of the corrupt. The Chairman concluded the seminar with his concise and precise speech, calling all the patriotic people to stand against  corruption

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