Write a Report on Bad Impact of Facebook

Write a Report on The Bad Impact of Facebook on Young Generation.

Syful, Staff reporter, Chittagong; 28 March 2018: Facebook though contributes much to the promotion of the social and friendly relationship between people living far and wide, has become a hazard for the young generation across the country. The young boys in particular always keep themselves engaged in the use of facebook-setting their studies and other necessary work aside. Because of a young age, they are being allured to upload obscene and objectionable photos and comments. They are found to pass hours after hours in using Facebook. As a result, they can hardly cut a good figure in the examination. It has become as disastrous as drug addiction which needs to be redressed immediately. The government and conscious citizens of the country should ponder over the matter and find out ways and means to get rid of this serious social problem as soon as possible to save the young generation from going to the dogs. 

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