Now write a paragraph on Brain Drain

paragraph on Brain Drain
paragraph on Brain Drain

Now write a paragraph on Brain Drain.

When meritorious skilled and experienced people of a country migrate to another country for any purpose is called brain drain. Lured by the charm of developed countries they go abroad or after finishing their higher studies settle there. Often, expert doctors, scientists, and engineers go abroad and work there for high salaries and better service conditions. So, The brain drain is a serious threat to the development and the advancement of third world countries like Bangladesh. Owing to this brain drain the home country becomes loser as it is deprived of the services of its better people.
Intelligent and skilled people are the nerves of a country. If they live their motherland the country legs behind. So, the brain drain is a serious problem for a country where it happens. This country fails to get the service of her meritorious children. These brain drain tendencies must be stopped for the interest of the motherland. A skilled and meritorious person should be used their knowledge for the development of their own countries.
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