Now write a paragraph on Leisures

Leisure means free time, time at once disposal. All good works are, literature and philosophy are the products of leisure. Leisure is the period when we are free from any boring work or business. The young and the old have both common and uncommon leisure pursuits. Leisure is spent in different ways in different countries such as Chinese pass their leisure watching TV and the Japanese pass their leisure joining English clubs. The Canadians pass their leisure going outside, hunting, watching birds, etc. The Germans pass their leisure traveling from one place to another. In Bangladesh village people spend their leisure by flying kites, fishing, playing swimming and gardening. City people spend their leisure shopping, reading books, watching television, using a computer, going park and zoo. Above all, one’s leisure should be passed in a fruitful manner. Without leisure activities, none can fee! fresh and sound. The leisure activities are helpful for the wonderful mental healing of the people. Different people like different leisure activities. Leisure activities must be made in an appropriate manner so that people can enjoy them properly. We should be more active to pass the leisure in our valuable lives.

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