Now write a paragraph on the Benefits of Early Rising

Now write a paragraph on the Benefits of Early Rising.

Early rising is a good habit. The habit of rising early should be formed during childhood. An early riser can have a good start of the day’s work. He can have finished a lot of work before others get up. Work done early in the morning is well done. At that time the mind and the body remain fresh. An early riser can take physical exercise in the morning breeze. It gives him energy for the day’s toil and moil. Thus he can finish all his work well in time. So he will not be late for going to bed and will enjoy a sound sleep. After a result of sleep throughout the night, he will rise early the next morning to begin the work of another day. The student who gets up early will get enough time to complete his studies. Again,  in the morning the atmosphere is calm and quiet. So, he can give proper attention to his studies. If a patient or a lazy man goes out for a walk for half an hour early in the morning, it removes all his laziness and makes his body and mind fit for works. Hence, all the successful persons used their time properly and got up early in the morning. There is a proverb:

Early to bed, early to rise

Marks a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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