Now write a paragraph on Uses and Abuses of Facebook

paragraph on Uses and Abuses of Facebook
paragraph on Uses and Abuses of Facebook

Now write a paragraph on Uses and Abuses of Facebook.

Nowadays Facebook is one of the important free social networking websites. It is the largest and most popular networking websites. It is an internet-based network. It can connect people across the world. Anyone who has an internet connection may have access to it. Its main function is to maintain a social and friendly relationship between people living in the remote corner of the world. A person must have an internet connection to be a Facebook member. He has to sign up with personal details. He must have a secret password to ensure privacy and security. Through Facebook, a Facebook member can search his friends as well as dear and near ones on-line and can send an invitation. He can write comments on his status, on the status of other members and photographs, etc. With the help of Facebook long lost friends and relatives can be searched out. So it has become a game for young people. But it is not an unmixed blessing. It has some bad sides also. Sometimes the boys and girls with the criminal minds upload obscene photos and comment which may humiliate a man or a woman. The young generation in particular always keeps themselves engaged in the use of Facebook setting their studies and other necessary works aside. As a result hey can hardly cut a good fiure in the examination. It has become as disastrous as drug addiction. Though there are some abuses of Facebook, it is a great blessing of information technology of the modern world. We should be careful about its merit and demerits.

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