Now Write Amplification on A Man is known by the Company he keeps

Now Write Amplification on A Man is known by the Company he keeps.

Man is a social being. So, he cannot live alone. But there are many types of man are shown in society. Some are bad characteristics and some are good in morality. Both of them influence our character. But people whose tastes and inclination are different from ours cannot give us the delight which we expect from friends. So, man naturally seeks the society of those who are like himself in their taste and inclination. A good man keeps company with good people. On the other hand, a bad man keeps company with bad ones. We can, therefore, very easily say of what sort a man is from nature and bad, we shall get their bad habit and gradually become bad ourselves. On the contrary, if we mix with the good and the noble, it will enable us too. Our character can thus be a judge from that of our companions.

Therefore, we should be good and noble in life, we should carefully avoid the evil company. We should choose the best company which will help to lead our life. Otherwise, the effect of the bad company suffers in the long run. So everybody of us should not mistake to choose our company. So, we can say a company is the guidance of our personality and morality.

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