Application for arranging extra English classes

Application for arranging extra English classes. Write an application to the Principal of your college for arranging extra-classes on English.

5 October 2018

The Principal

(By, the Head of the Department of English)

BM College, Barisal

Subject: Application for arranging extra English classes.


With due respect and humble submission we, the students of Hon’s (NC) 2nd year of your college, beg to state that in the event of the recent devastating flood all over the country, our college was suspended for one month. Consequently, we missed classes on some important topics. The examination is knocking at the door. On the other hand, our syllabus is incomplete. So, we are badly in need of extra classes in English in order to prepare ourselves for the ensuing exam. If five to seven extra classes were taken on English, we would be greatly benefited.

In the circumstances, we pray and hope that you would be kind enough to make the necessary arrangement for some extra, classes on English, and oblige thereby.

We remain


Yours most obediently,

1. Dipu

2. Saddam

3. Shohag

On behalf of the students of

B.M. College.

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