Now write a paragraph on Country Life

paragraph on country life

Now write a paragraph on Country Life.

Country life means to live in the villages. Now a village is not a comfortable place to live in. Life in a
village is very simple and smooth. There is a lack of schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, parks, clubs,
museums, zoos, mills, factories and a good transport system. There is no qualified doctor or teacher.
The majority of the villagers live under the poverty line. Though the people here lead a normal life they
are closely bound to each other. Nature itself endows village life with purification and blessings.
Anybody can easily enjoy the beauties of nature in the village. They can balm their perturbed minds in
the villages. It is not a noisy and busy place like a town. The atmosphere here is calm and quiet.
The gentle breeze refreshes the mind and removes all the laziness to make the body and mind fit for
work. So, the people who live in the village are stronger, healthy and happy than the people who live in
the town. Besides this, country life is a pollution-free life. The businessmen of the town are cheaters.
They adulate foods, fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, fishes or even the child foods for extra profit. But the
businessmen of the village are honest and pious. They sell pure and fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, milk,
meat, fishes, etc. So, we can say that country life is our national life though there are no modern facilities.
Men still now prefer villages for an easy, peaceful and carefree life.

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