Now write a paragraph on Price-Hike of Daily Essentials

paragraph on Price-Hike


paragraph on Price-Hike

Now write a paragraph on Price-Hike

Or, Price-Raise

Or, Price-hike of commodities

Or, Price-hike of Daily Essentials

Or, Price-Spiral

Nowadays price-hike has become a great threat to our socio-economic life. It is a thoughtful problem for the middle class and low class of people. Price is the measuring rod of goods or products. After fixing the price, goods are given out to the market for satisfying public demand. Price rises when the supply decreases. The following reasons are responsible for the price-rise scarcity of goods, a political crisis in the country, production, interruption in communication, lack of raw-materials; more demand than supply, maladministration in the state, the hypocritical policy of the smuggler, etc. There should be an exact reason for price-hike. But at present, we see that price-hike is a very common matter. Businessmen increase the price of their products without showing any appropriate reason. Their main aim is to gain illegal money. It is very pathetic that because of price-rise people living under the poverty level become helpless in the question of survival. More or less all people suffer much from the problem of price-rise. So, for the welfare of the common people, the government should take an effective action to prevent price-hike, Without it, no economy can be run properly.

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