Now write a paragraph on Qualities of a Good Student

paragraph on the Qualities of a Good Student

Qualities of a Good Student

Now write a paragraph on the Qualities of a Good Student.

It is a fact that a good student is an asset to our country. A good student has some good qualities. For example, he is both intelligent and industrious. He is very regular and attentive in his classes. He always makes brilliant results in the examination. He learns his lesson from the very beginning of the session. He is punctual and makes proper use of time. He never crames his lesson. He makes his own notes and takes the help of his teacher if he faces any difficulty. Besides studies, a good student participates in co-curricular activities. He reads newspapers and magazines to know the current affairs of the world. He takes part in debating competition. He takes part in social work. During flood and cyclone, he stands by the affected people. He distributes medicine and relief goods among the affected people. During the long vacation, he along with other students teaches the illiterate people. A good student also takes part in games and sports. He takes physical exercise to keep good health. A good student is very modest and gentle. He is obedient to his parents and teachers. He helps his parents in doing family chores. He is very helpful to his classmates. He is amiable and friendly with them. He helps the weak students in preparing their lesson. In fact, a good student is a glory to the family and the nation. We should bear in mind that the goad qualities of a student are the resource of a country.

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