Now write a paragraph on Gender Discrimination

Now write a paragraph on Gender Discrimination.

It is known to us that Gender discrimination is the difference between males and females in respect of enjoying rights. It is a great social problem in Bangladesh. Female children are the worst sufferers of this. In most cases, the discriminatory attitude towards our female population continues until their death. Gender discrimination exists in Bangladesh for different reasons. For example, people prefer a male child to a female one. This is mainly because male children are particularly capable of earning and adding to the family income. Girls have to leave the family as soon as they are married off. Besides, they are physically weak and not capable of doing outside work. The boys are also thought to be an asset and girls, a liability. Male children get extra care in all respects. The consequences of gender discrimination are very harmful. However, this problem cannot be solved overnight. For this, our outlook towards the girls should be changed. It should be well established that women are equal partners to men. Above all, we will be able to come out of this social curse only when we will realize the fact properly that women are not merely women, rather they are human beings. We should be careful of the mother.

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