Now write a paragraph on Humanity

Now write a paragraph on Humanity.

Humanity is a precious quality of man. It is the quality of being kind, thoughtful, and sympathetic towards other people. A man devoid of humanity is just like a beast that doesn’t have morality. He eats, sleeps, and enjoys free life. On the contrary, the beasts have the only animation. They have no rationality. Rationality is such a quality that is found only in human beings. It differentiates human beings from the beasts. Nowadays we find many people in our society having no rationality. Their deeds are like that of a beast. These kinds of people are a threat to the peace and development of our society. Sometimes they do anti-social activities like acid-throwing, rape, etc. These create chaos and confusion in society. Humanity debars a man from doing all kinds of sinful acts. A man with humanity never does harmful work to society. So we should nourish humanity in our hearts for the greater interest of our country.
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