Now write a paragraph on Trade Fair

Now write a paragraph on Trade Fair.

A  Trade Fair that expends the trade is called a Trade Fair. Various kinds of goods at home and abroad are displayed at the fair. A trade fair plays a vital role in today’s competitive business world. Ultimately it is held once a year in a country. The government takes the initiative to arrange it. A formal invitation is extended to the friendly countries to install stalls for the exhibition of their exportable goods. Thus an export fair gives a scope to the industrialists of the host country to know their counterparts of the other countries. The works of arts, handicrafts, agriculture, and industry are displayed at the various corners of the fair. A good number of visitors visit the fair every day. They get a chance to know men, manners, fashions, and culture of different countries. There are also some snack bars for visitors. They refresh themselves by taking snacks. Sometimes some arrangements are made for the recreation of tried visitors. An export fair is very useful for a country because it widens the scope of creating a market for exportable goods. It is an integral part of our national development and to identify the country to the outside world.

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