Write a Report on Blood Donation Program

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Report on Blood Donation Program Held in Balikandi College

Syful, Staff reporter, Chittagong; 28 March 2023: Blood donation program is going on in Baliakandi College campus through the week. The program is organized by Sanghani. All the students and teachers of the college are enthusiastically participating in this program.

Students are getting encouraged by one another for donating blood. A seminar was also held before the starting of the program for motivating the students. The students are willing in donating blood. Through this, they are being acknowledged about their blood group.

Donating blood, they are collecting a card from Sanghani. This card will be in use if the donor of blood feels the necessity of taking blood. He can get a pack of blood or more in the future because of giving blood in the past. The volunteers of Sandhani are working tirelessly to make the program a success.

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Along with the students the people of the adjacent locality are coming in the camp and donating blood. People are not in fear of doing this rather they are sincere. Yesterday T.N.O visited the place, he instructed the concerned authority to support the program up to a fruitful end. It is expected that 550 bags of blood will be collected from the program if it continues for two more days.

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