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Report on The Road of Kandapara to Golkandail should be Repaired

Syful, Staff reporter, Chittagong; 28 March 2023: Kandapara is one of the populated areas in Taraba Union under Rupganj Upazilla in the district of Narayanganj. Golakandail is the main road of the town.

About fifty thousand people of Kandapara use a road to go to Golakandail or anywhere which is damaged by flood and rain last year. Still today it is not repaired or taken any steps to repair.

During the day season it has become a dusty, After a little rain it has become a muddy and slippy place. Students and old people have been suffering much.

Report on Road Accident

Any vehicle cannot ply on it easily. There are big holes in many places on the road. Conscious elite repeatedly applied to the Mayor of Taraba Union to take steps to repair the road. She assured the people that the govt. will take steps immediately.

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